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Tips on straightening curly hair

Curly hair weave can be beautiful, thick and full of volume. But it tends to be frizzy and out of control if without proper care. Sometimes you will turn to straighten your curly hair and have a soft and smooth hairstyle. Below are some tips on straightening curly hair.

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  1. Starting with shampoo, condition and towel-drying hair
    Washing your hair with a tiny bit of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, apply serum to the ends of your hair, not to the roots, so that it will not get oily, especially with heat protectant products.
  2. Put your hair into sections
    While straightening it, you need to divide hair into sections and do it step by step, so each portion of hair can be straight and beautiful. The slower you pull it through, the better your results will be. Once your section has been straightened to your satisfaction, move onto the next section of hair and repeat throughout your whole head.
  3. Find proper hair straighteners
    Most flat irons are made out of either metal or ceramic, but facts prove that ceramic straightener is better. They are easy to use and evenly heat the hair so no single portion gets scorched with excess heat. As for the temperature of the flat iron, you will need a higher heat for thicker hair, and a lower heat for finer hair.