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How to care for Brazilian deep wave

Every black women fashion lovers would like to buy cheap human hair weave for a long time. Then it comes to the question how to care for virgin hair well. Today we will focus on Brazilian virgin hair especially Brazilian deep wave hair. They are unprocessed virgin human hair, no synthetic hair, no mix animal hair. For deep wave hair, it is more textured and requires more care tips.

Bleaching and Coloring
Since the hair is not chemically processed, it makes them ideal for dying or coloring or bleaching. But when doing such process, it need to deal with it carefully, especially bleaching to light color. In general, bleaching to light color should to be done by professional stylist. But pls remember: do not do coloring or bleaching too often, which will make the hair really weak and lost the luster.

You need to wash your virgin hair weave twice or three times once a week. The hair weave is not attached to your scalp, they cannot be moisturized by body’s natural oils. You need to wash the dirty off.

After washing, put a few drops of natural oils like coconut and apply it through over the hair so that it could penetrate cuticles and moisturizes it appropriately. And moreover if available, you could do deep conditioning regularly which could help your hair more natural and shiny.

Using a wide-toothed comb and comb it from the root to the tips. Brush it often that could eliminate tangles as a result of friction or wind. And please do not brush it when hair is wet.

In the end, if you could follow these tips, your virgin hair weave will become more and more smooth and beautiful.