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Difference between free and three part lace closure


A closure is usually in 3-5inch wide/long ventilated in either lace, Swiss lace or a silk base designed to imitate the scalp and present the full protection to nice hair. And for lace closure, it is a piece of lace fabric that is netted transparent nude fabric in which many strands of hair are tied on one by one. Both free part closure and 3 part closure aim to create natural part for your hair beauty. Both of them are popular in the market.

What is free part lace closure? For free part closure, you can part it anywhere. Below is the video on how to install free part closure

What is 3 part lace closure? For 3 part closure, it is pre-parted. Two line is on each side and one line is in the middle.Below is the video on how to install three-part closure

Difference between free and three part closure

1. For free part closure or 3 part closure with 100% Brazilian virgin hair, both are good choice to try, but it is important that you need to bleach the knots before installing.

2. For some reasons, 3 part closure makes it easier for those who want to “keep up with their part.” But it also requires the stylists to sew the closure down with the pre-part lined up exactly with where people wants their part, otherwise it will looks unnatural and bad.

3. Most women would like to buy free part closure because they can part it anywhere. And it is also convenient for stylists to do it, usually the cheaper option, and has the ability to look more natural.

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